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Name:A Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Community
Location:Living World
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to share love for the manga and anime Yu Yu Hakusho
Welcome to [community profile] yu_yu_hakusho! Before you start posting, please take a quick look at the rules:
  • Be considerate of your fellow fans. This means no character- or ship-bashing, no personal insults, respecting each other's right to their own headcanon, and no assorted douchebaggery. Disagreements are bound to happen and are in fact welcome so long as discussion remains reasonable, and no one expects you to like every ship or aspect of canon, but this is a small fandom so let's try not to burn it down.

  • Cut for post size. Images larger than 640 pixels in either direction, multiple images, fanworks, and posts more than a page long should go under a cut. This will make scrolling less time-consuming for everyone, especially on mobile! You can create a cut by using the tag <cut></cut> in the HTML post editor or beta editor, or in the rich text editor by selecting the content you want to hide and clicking the "cut" button.

  • Tag your posts. This will make it easier for everyone to find specific content! You should be able to find existing tags by beginning to enter text in the tag field on the old HTML and rich text editor pages, or by simply hitting the "browse" button on the text module of the beta editor. If you need a tag that doesn't exist yet, drop me a line in the mod contact post and I'll create it.

  • Use a header for cut posts. For miscellaneous posts long enough to cut, just the first paragraph or two will do. For fanworks, think the stuff you see on AO3: summary, rating, pairing (if any), approximate length, applicable warnings (including any you don't have a tag for but feel deserve mentioning), anything else you think would be helpful. This stuff all goes outside the cut, and can include a thumbnail for fanart and graphics or up to five icons for an icon set.

  • Set appropriate age restrictions on your posts. Not everyone wants to consume NSFW material or is of a legal age for it, or maybe that's all they're in the mood for! As with tags, this will help everyone refine their experience in the community.

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If you'd like your community to be affiliated with [community profile] yu_yu_hakusho, you can contact the mod here.

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